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Some words

The idiots are winning.
Well specious.
-put some egg n mine as well
-and some smoked salmon
That is well brown.
Hi fanny blossom.
Big brown elephant shitcrack.
Totally ECT!
Hilarious and co.
Keep it MENCAP, you fucking ear!
This all sounds a bit sad face.
Junky choir.
It's not funny, but it does make us laugh.
The Nailgun Arms
It's about time you shoved your fucked-up bible through a plasma screen.
Treacle slit.
Watch the fuck out, people!
You're fucking dead!
Keep filming. Put your hands on his balls! Throw nuts in his face. Pour your pint over his head. Kick him in the arse and walk out.
This is crossing a line. That is well outside the fucking box!
You've just totally lost control of your mind.
Do you want comforting?
Really Annoying Ring TONE!
Maybe there IS a gunman AND Pingu's gone mental.
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